Nu Blue Memphis


Tall Sun

36 H x 19 W x 19 D cm

Bead Sun

31 H x 21 W x 21 D cm

Tall Sun

49 H x 21 W x 21 D cm

Bead Totem

33 H x 17 W x 21 D cm

“The Memphis collection is a focus on how ceramics can embody a function beyond the traditional. The sculptural play on lighting and ornament pushes the role of purposeful decoration as well as practical aspects within a space. I wanted to create pieces that were forward thinking in their design whilst referencing a sense of architecture and remnants of ancient cities and civilisations. Each piece references a sun, a moon or a bead, those of which I find personal connection with those concerning nature, spiritual and archeology."


Bead Moon

30 H x 23 W x 23 D cm


Pilgrim Moon

34 H x 14 W x 10 D